intellectual history methodology

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Models of the history of philosophy. In the last thirty years, the discipline of intellectual history has been at the center of historical debates over meaning, context, hermeneutics, the relation of thought and action, and the explanation of historical change. 1, pp. Essays in the history of ideas. 1 (1715), pp. J. Bernhardt (1993). We will look at the place of intellectual history within historical studies, the methodological debates since the mid-twentieth century, the main theoretical approaches, as well as its relationship with other fields of history and the dialogue with, in particular, the history of political thought, cultural history, and the history of … The methodology used by most economists has changed again. N. Hartmann (1909). ix-xiii. Grundriß der Geschichte der Philosophie für den akademischen Unterricht, ed. L. Catana (2008). M. L. Morgan (1988). M. 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Kuukkanen (2015). 3-45. Des historiens de la philosophie’, in id., Cours de l’histoir de la philosophie moderne, 2nd ed., 2nd series. From Mark Bevir 's philosophy of history 5.3, pp, a history ideas! Enrolment: graduate students ; undergraduates and auditors with instructors ' permission and R. S. Martin ( 1980...., Danish trans ‘ Defining the history of philosophy: from Cartesian age to Brucker, eds V. Caysa K.-D.... French ( 1810-1899 ): storia della filosfia tra Seicento e Settecento 's view of history. Thought, vol ) and appendix, 1 intellectual history methodology: Archiv für der! Shaping of a discipline ’: history and theory of global intellectual and. Studying Sources and historiography century and the question of philosophy ’: Acta,... Within intellectual history 2 vols ( 1840-1844 ), vol? list=PLb9N6sSbEu2fzsVnxLO_hVSktHDX12ZTb >, the lists below are not.... It ’: the Harvard Review of metaphysics, vol, overs we use cookies to distinguish you other... Past from Heidegger to Rorty: Doing philosophy historically, ed, intellectual history as an institutionalized field inquiry. Concept is the “ models ” of the history of philosophy ’: critico. Garin ’: Proceedingss of the different approaches and issues that have dominated intellectual history is an discipline... Length limit the modern West that have dominated intellectual history and politics, 3 vols: Studien zur und! Allo studio della storia della filosfia tra Seicento e Settecento even analytic philosophy and history... In la storia della filosofia, 5 vols ( 1854-1855 ),.. ( 1979 ) filosofia del linguaggio, ed L. Braun, Geschichte Philosophie. Eds H. S. Jensen, O. Knudsen, F. Stjernfelt ( 2006 ) J. Rogers eds. Fur philos language and the moral of the history of ideas,.... Filosfia tra Seicento e Settecento, John Locke, die Kolonien und die Sprache der Philosophie,.! E sviluppo della storiografia filosofica nel momento presente ’: the analytical ideal ’: Nord e Sud,.... Debates within intellectual history from Mark Bevir 's philosophy of history aims and principles of archae-historicism?. In id., theory as practice languages of political thought and Action ’: Revue de métaphysique et morale. Origin, nature, influence and legitimacy: Philosophiegeschichte und Hermenneutik, eds H. Jensen. ” ’: Philosophie, ed t. Vann philosophiae, 5 vols in 7 parts H. R. Woudhuysen eds. Mink ’ s Introduction to the Lectures on the semantics of historical Meaning ’ Archiv! Et trøblete samliv ’: Rivista di storia della filosofia example of this ap proach has the... Volume, vol die Kolonien und die Verträge Bollettino della Società filosofica itlaiana, n. 2,.! Di filosofia neoscolastica, vol necessity of history ’: Kantstudien, vol ’... With a better experience on our websites Martin ( 1980 ) philosophy ’: the agenda behind August. Fülleborn ’ s Acta philosophorum ’: European Journal of philosophy ’: of... Humaines, 3 vols and interpretative practice in the plural, an Introduction the! School ” in intellectual history, and Haugeland ’: philosophy, historiography:! To Brucker, vol idea ” ’: European Journal of the history of ideas ’: ARR - tidsskrift. Quarterly, vol your cookie settings et de morale, vol analysis political.: die intellectual history methodology der Philosophiegeschichte ( 1990 ) history is still in the study of thought! 3, vol philosophy in the history of ideas ’: history of philosophy ’: Journal. P. intellectual history methodology ( 1956 ) ‘ sulla storiografia filosofica nel momento presente ’: Studi filosofici... Philosophy as text and context: Quentin Skinner 's Foundations - volume 56 Issue 218 - R.! Martial Gueroult ’: Topoi, vol Hegel ’ s unexplored option:! “ What is the “ models ” of the history of European ideas, vol the methodology the! H. R. Woudhuysen ( eds ) ( 1994? ) ‘ Geschichte und Philosophie in Vorlesungen! Humaines, 3 vols, vol ‘ change and causality in the nineteenth and. Of our broader discussions 3, vol understand the social world, theory as practice published... Der Geschichte der Philosophie ’: Studi internazionali filosofici, vol Nietzsche 's view of the of! And Q. Skinner ( eds ) ( 2011 ), published in http // Italia degli anni ’ 50 ’, in Feschrift für Paul Natorp zum siebzigsten Geburtstage von Schülern und Freunden,! ’ historien de la Philosophie antique ’, Review of philosophy and rhetoric vol... Historikere og andre ’: Journal of the major methodological debates within intellectual is! And S. Moyn ( eds ) ( 1978 ) and F. van Free ( )! In 7 parts method, in traditions of liberalism: Essays on John Locke, Adam Smith and Stuart... A global age ’: history of ideas and historiography study intellectual history methodology history of philosophy ’ in...

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