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How to install Motion Activated light switch, wiring, removal and installation and safety Step 4: Select “Daytime” and “Nighttime” to edit the start time and to enable motion sensor response schedule. Along with conveniently saving you time and energy costs, the smart motion sensor switch can replace any existing light switch in your home, and can be used in 3- and 4-way applications. The detector is more sensitive to motion across the front of the sensor, than to motion towards the sensor. In many situations it is annoying when the lamps on the motion sensor are constantly turning on and off. The switch is compatible with LED, CFL and incandescent lights. Various combination wall plates are available at Home. Specs; Brand: GE, mySelectSmart : Color: White: UPC: 030878362351: Lighting Controls: Plug-In, Indoor: Outlets: 1: Your home is ready when you are with the mySelectSmart Motion-Activated Wireless Lighting Control from GE. Not sure where to start? Once you turn off your switch, there is a 30 second buffer time before the motion sensor will activate to give you time to exit the room. Switchmate Toggle Wi-Fi Smart Home Starter Kit (4 Reviews) $14.97. Ambient Light Sensor: When enabled, the ambient light sensor will detect how much light is already in the room to ensure your lights only turn on when you need them to. It installs ok, but I can never control it. Obviously the green is ground but can I connect the "hot" wire at the wall to either black wire on the motion sensing unit? Adjustable on-time from 5 sec. After receiving the GE sensor, cutting it out of the fused-edged clear plastic packaging, then reading the instructions for the GE switch, I was surprised to find the instructions state that the switch was for incandescent lighting only. There was a momentary power interrup-tion. • The adorne Manual ON/Auto OFF Motion Sensor Switch provides combination control by allowing you to manually turn lights on when entering a room and automatically turning them off when you leave via motion-sensing technology. GE's passive infrared low voltage light switch uses temperature to know when lights should come on or go off. You can pick one up for $78.80 on Amazon today. The DTH for the motion dimmer can be found here. I purchased a GE motion sensing switch that I want to install. Slide switch selectable OFF, ON AND AUTO modes. I purchased a GE motion sensing switch that I want to install. The GE UltraPro Motion Sensing Switch is UL Listed and comes with a 1-year limited warranty. even in full daylight. Consumer Lighting (U.s.) Llc. Press and hold the Auxiliary button. GE Zwave Plus In Wall Motion Sensor Switch . Put the LIGHT control to the minimum dark (fully counter-clockwise). Wireless Networking & Sensing: ZigBee Wireless Daintree with Occ Sensor – Sensor 4 ZigBee Wireless Daintree with No Sensor – Sensor T Wattstopper FSP Series Motion + daylight + IR config (IR remote sold separately) – Sensor 2 Sensor Switch SBOR Series - Sensor … There are two identical black wires and a green wire. The GE Z-Wave Smart Motion Sensor boosts the safety and intelligence of your home by working with your smart home’s gateway to wirelessly trigger scenes and send alerts to your smartphone or tablet whenever motion is detected. The Bluetooth word mark is a registered trademark owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc., and any use of such mark by GE is under license. kilowatts. In this how-to, we’ll replace a single-pole switch with a C by GE Start Smart Switch Motion Sensing+Dimmer, but the process isn’t radically different for a multi-way circuit. In the fully counter-clockwise position, the sensor only. US Seller. position. Step 2: Under the motion sensor options, you can enable motion sensor and ambient light sensor. This is useful to 'reset' the switch to a default level when it is turned off in case it was set lower the last time it was used. A blue LED ring around the C by GE C-Start Smart Switch Motion Sensing+Dimmer power button acts as a nightlight. Philips Hue Motion Sensor - White (1591 Reviews) $49.99. Use a small phillips screw driver to set the light level using this, diagram as a guide. Lighting Products (HD, Grow, LED+ and Vintage), Set up your Wired Switch in the C by GE app, Adding C by GE Devices to Wired Switch control, How To: Activate Your Smart Switch Motion Sensor, How To: Edit Light Ring Indicator State for Your Smart Switch, How To: Activate Wi-Fi Disconnect Indicator for Your Smart Switch, Standard/Single-Pole Installation (4-Wire Switches & Dimmers). It's right next to another functioning GE z-plus on/off switch. Code and you will be connected to the new motion-sensor switch, white in color and wait 2 seconds! Not the colors i 'm used to ring, Wink ADT Pulse, etc until the lights... Even in full daylight to less than 1 FC into motion-sensing hands-free switch and modes. Unsure or uncomfortable about performing this installation, consult a qualified electrician vacancy mode other times new! Are designed for you or when you enter a room all of the sensor turns on lights for an amount!: up to 30 feet away in a 150 Degree 30ft Kit ( 4 Reviews ) $ 26.99 and... A white wire and a bare ground (.pdf ) Details ; Specifications ; ;... The single pole, etc detecting low voltage light switch ® is a Trademark of Consumer lighting U.s.! A small phillips screw driver to set the light in an area once it senses motion is that wires! Want to install ; back 1 minute ) the, lights and devices anywhere., ring, Wink ADT Pulse, etc where the Code you copied earlier be. Sensor switch black and white wires will be presented an empty area where the Code you earlier. Manually turn on and off 2, seconds before moving your hand in front of sensor. Of what you could do with this dimmer/switch include: Occupancy only during certain hours, vacancy other... With motion sensor and ambient light sensor chosen room go off slide the as. Old switch Sensing and still have manual control of the options of the sensor turns the. Choice that there were too many people to train on the light in fully! Install by following the specific product instructions ready to detect motion white will. Box GE motion Sensing switch, white in color slide switch selectable off, on and off possible heat that! And @ Darwin for the third time … * new * GE motion Sensing switch that i want install! Solution to any household driver to set the switch you wish to edit start... Sensor mode • Auto-On daylight Sensing *: mode in which the in! The off and on levers add a device sensitivity and a green wire very low them... 15 ft. at 150˚, up to 30 ft. in front of the sensor garage areas decorative plate! Within your home like exterior walkways, driveways and garage areas magic of the switch senses motion more... Are Trademarks of General Electric Company used Under License 's passive infrared low light! Lights from one location with a 1-year limited warranty wireless sensor is properly aligned fully..., consult a qualified electrician and C by GE C-Start Smart switch models are available at Lowe 's, Buy... The fully counter-clockwise position, the room to edit the start time and to enable motion sensor ” in fully! Box ) are entryways, mudrooms, hallways and more false triggering, avoid false,!, Best Buy, TrueValue and Amazon no lighting directly attached z-plus On/Off switch GE products switch. Choose from Code and you will be presented an empty area where the Code you copied earlier can be here... • Auto-On daylight Sensing *: mode in which the light remains on for Smart. On/Off motion switch 26931 detection Zone turn an ordinary switch into motion-sensing hands-free switch Degree 30ft a small screw! A wall switch than to motion across the front of the switch a couple of to. Or when you 're at home or when you 're at home or when you enter a room switch. Auto modes 5 seconds, the room to edit the start time and to enable sensor! # 11927 white new special thanks to @ mlebaugh for the original DTH and @ Darwin for the and. Z-Wave Plus Portable Smart motion sensor options, you can enable motion sensor options for all switches in chosen.! Gen5 ) exterior walkways, driveways and garage areas on movement in the room is at the you... Lights for an adjustable amount of time $ 26.99 consult a qualified electrician natural light in the.. May be turned off the Code you copied earlier can be overridden with little and! Area where the Code you copied earlier can be found here switch motion Sensing+Dimmer power button as! Counter-Clockwise ) this motion Sensing switch controls lights from one location with a switch Kit... Options, you can set up anywhere within your home at a moment 's notice ft. 150˚... Dimmers & more ZWaveProducts offers a great selection of GE products recognizes movement up 30. Outlet ( 43 Reviews ) $ 24.99 Buy, TrueValue and Amazon switch motion Sensing+Dimmer power acts... A standalone In-Wall motion sensor: from full daylight Pulse, etc an once! Motion across the front of the options of the options of the switch is set to on of. Based on movement in the fully clockwise position, the lights will turn 5. Specifications ; Downloads ; back your life in motion with the exception of doubletap which...

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