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MSRP: $229.99. Selected category All. I saw the P3 on sale with a distributors rebate to sweeten the deal so I ordered myself an early Christmas present. The bb, pellet, and airsoft guns listed on this page can be shipped to Canada and no permits or licensing is required. Hunting; Outdoor Sports; Collectibles. I have owned the grandfather to this little gun for several years. Beeman Wadcutter Coated .177 Cal, 7.8 gr - 250 ct. 1 Review . More Info, 2021 Airgun Depot, 12453 S 265 W Suite F, Draper, UT 84020. The Beeman P3 is a totally different style that’s closer in design and balance in the hand to a semi-auto pistol, rather than a 10 meter target pistol. Category. Brought to you by your own trusted Canada Shooting Supply. I know the P17 is made in China, and the P3 is made in Germany, but what does this reall Beeman P17 vs Beeman P3 - Yellow Airgun Forum Archive Add to Wishlist. Manufactured by the legendary Weihrauch factory in Germany, this air pistol has a rifled steel barrel. Advertising; Books. Subscribe to back in stock notification . The Beeman P3 is a single-stroke pneumatic, which means it requires just one cocking stroke of the overlever. The consistency in the trigger and pump puts the P3 way out front. Beeman Notched Trigger Unit, Fits Beeman HW70 & HW70A Air Pistols. Does the price difference merely represents the difference in the country of manufacture, or in fact there are differences in quality? in Pistols. One of the best pistol ever, Beeman P1, in .22 Caliber, giving a stunning 460 fps with pellets, and superior accuracy for the pistol in its class. Beeman. 0 review(s) $ 179.99. Beeman 1152QT Quiet Tek with Scope Air Rifle. Extra 5% off. Great sights. The P3 is accurate, precise and consistent. Video about the Beeman P3 or Weihrauch HW40 air pistol in caliber 5,5mm. Condition: New product. Starting at $16.95. I have 2 each P3's, one in .22 and one in .177, and they are my go-to guns for plinking and trigger practice. Call for Price. The shot cycle is kind of slow and hard, but I prefer placing a pellet in the breach of the barrel on the P3 rather than a slot in front of a bolt. Colt Commander .177 Caliber Steel Air Pistol. Home Air rifles Pistols Beeman P17. 0 out of 5. Beeman P3 $ 245.54 in stock . I've shot both airguns side-by-sde and both shoot very well and both are very accurate. Some years ago I purchased a Beeman P17 the version of this pistol that is made in China and aimed to mass market air guns. Beeman produces air guns in three different calibers: 0.177, 0.20, and 0.22. Check On Amazon With my old eyes, I do much better with a red-dot sight over the open sights that are on the gun, although the open sights are adequate. Login to ask someone who bought this product. All Beeman .177 caliber velocity data is with the 6.5gr lasers. Components are machined stainless steel (sears, springs, pins, hammer, cams, valve parts) and the external trigger, safety and over lever lock parts are aluminum. 611 Neal Drive Peterborough, Ontario Canada K9J 6X7 1-800-565-9527 [email protected] But if you can afford it, the P3 is the one to get. Shooting the P3 is a pleasure, it fires with a satisfying POP, which sends the pellet on its way at around 400 fps plus or minus depending on the pellet. I like them all, but this is my go to pistol for bullseye shooting - it is very accurate. I plan on keeping it … Is the P3 worth the $180 difference? Beeman Power Series QB78 CO2 .22 Rifle. I benched fired it, and made one small sight correction. Unlatch the pseudo hammer and open the gun as though cocking. The P3 is a true low end target gun; the P17 is a much cheaper clone. Shop All. ProsWell Built, Great Trigger, Quality Components, Accurate, Great Ergonomics, Lifetime Warranty, ConsSafety Selector has Stiff Movement (my unit). In Todd Cooper's review, he stated that the P3 frame is synthetic with metal inserts at all pivot points. I could not justify spending the money on a match grade pistol, but I wanted to have something that shot like one so I bought a P3. Because it doesn't have a mainspring, the P3 can also be dry-fired. Best Match. Please Note: You must be 18 years of age or older to order and conform to all laws governing the use and ownership of airguns in your local area. Subscribe to back in stock . The trigger pull mixed with zero recoil produces outstanding results. It could get rid of unwanted animals ,but i think a diana rifle would be stronger ,the beeman p3 is very accurate. Views : 1965 Likes : 0 . ConsThe instruction manual lacks useful details. The P17 is $43 and the P3 is $230 from the same online store. Sporting Goods. ProsAccuracy The Beeman P3 only shoots at about 370 fps so it would not be humane to hunt with it. Beeman. The P3 overall has a better build, a better finish and a more solid feel in the hand. Externally they appear identical, but inside the P3 has better machining and assembly. Chambers & Co. has a great schematic of the Beeman P3 that we can use as a reference point here. Search > AIR PISTOLS > Beeman P3. + Shipping to: 98837. no co2 is needed it's one pump one pellet shooter. If you want to increase your accuracy and trigger control, dry-firing can help you do that. We plan, in the future, to sell firearms and ammunition in Canada, but at present this site is for information only. - Fiber optic sights, fully adjustable rear sight I came close to 600fps with 6.8gr Gecos in the 45. Consistent, low weight trigger I bought a Crossman 2240 but end up 2250 by the time I was done customizing it. Find great deals on eBay for beeman gun. February 17, 2019 at 8:40 pm Link. Buy Beeman P17 at! $14.90 shipping. Whether you shoot right-handed, left-handed, single-handed or two-handed, the Beeman P3 can accommodate you! It fills your hand without feeling bulky or oversized. We can't ship optics (unless they are assembled with the gun) and we can't ship CO2 or blank ammo, but all other accessories are ok to ship to Canada. The ambidextrous design and the functionality of the cocking mechanism are convenient no matter what style of shooting you enjoy. My first one was the 1911 style P1 which was not a consistent shooter. Cocking does take some effort and keeping everything out of the way when the pump is closed is important - you don't pinch your hand more than once if you're paying attention. Member. 0 out of 5. caliber: 0.177; velocity: 410.00 ft/sec; Warranty: One year limited warranty; A Beeman Air Pistol; The Beeman P3 is a pneumatic air pistol with a gas piston. Unlike many production pistols, the P3 is made of quality materials. Some of their more expensive "match" rifles are used by competitors and have been used to win Olympic medals.

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